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Home » What Is Non-standard Auto Insurance and Who Needs It?
April 25, 2024

What Is Non-standard Auto Insurance and Who Needs It?

Non-standard auto insurance is a category of coverage that caters to drivers considered higher risk and might not qualify for standard policies. Understanding what non-standard auto insurance entails and identifying whether you fall into this category can help you make informed decisions about your auto insurance needs. crash test, collision, rear-end collision

What Is Non-standard Auto Insurance?

Non-standard auto insurance—often called high-risk auto insurance—may help cover drivers with more significant risk than the average policyholder. This can include drivers with a history of the following:

  • Multiple traffic violations or accidents
  • A DUI or DWI on their record
  • Lapses in previous auto insurance coverage

Such drivers may find that standard insurance providers either deny them coverage or offer policies at prohibitively high rates. Non-standard auto insurance provides a viable alternative, albeit often at higher premiums than standard policies.

Who Needs Non-standard Auto Insurance?

Determining whether you need non-standard auto insurance depends on several factors:

  • Driving record—Drivers with multiple infractions or serious violations might need to consider non-standard insurance.
  • Insurance history—Gaps in auto insurance coverage can signal to insurers that a driver is high risk.
  • Vehicle type—Owning a vehicle that is expensive to insure can sometimes necessitate non-standard insurance.
  • Experience—New drivers or those with a limited driving history might be directed towards non-standard options.

It’s essential to assess your circumstances and consult with insurance professionals to determine the appropriate insurance category for your needs.

How Can You Choose Appropriate Car Insurance in Georgia?

In Georgia, like in many other states, drivers must have minimum auto insurance coverage. Non-standard insurance in Georgia must meet these minimum requirements, including bodily injury and property damage liability.

Selecting the right non-standard auto insurance involves the following:

  • Comparing quotes—Even within the non-standard market, rates and coverage options vary.
  • Understanding the coverage—Ensure you know what your policy may help cover and any limitations it might have.
  • Reevaluating regularly—If your driving record improves or your circumstances change, you may qualify for standard insurance, potentially at a lower cost.

Contact Us

If you need non-standard auto insurance or want more information on your options in Georgia, contact Drivers Insurance LLC. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding a policy that aligns with your needs and helps ensure you comply with state requirements.

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