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Home » Insurance for Artisan Contractors in Brunswick, OH

Insurance for Artisan Contractors in Brunswick, OH

Artisan contractors include some of the most sought-after construction professionals. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other contracting specialists are consistently relied on for their craftsmanship. Yet, regardless of skill and high safety standards, even the most diligent artisan contractors can still experience unexpected risks that leave them financially devastated. Contractors insurance should be considered essential protection.person holding pencil near laptop computer

What Is Artisan Contractors Insurance?

Artisan contractors insurance generally refers to numerous forms of coverage that are woven together to form a tailored policy. Different contractors have different needs, so policies typically vary.

Common contractor insurance coverages include:

  • Inland marine insurance may help cover transportation of tools, equipment and other supplies between locations.
  • Commercial auto insurance is often legally required and can help cover vehicles used for business purposes.
  • Liability insurance comes in many forms but can generally help when a third party alleges damage or loss due to the contractor’s operations.
  • Builder’s risk insurance may help cover a construction project in progress, including tools and materials stored at a job site.
  • Umbrella insurance can increase the limits of other liability coverages, adding additional financial security if those coverages are exhausted.

These are only some of the coverage options available to artisan contractors. Speak with your Drivers Insurance LLC agent to learn more about these and other forms of coverage.

Do I Need Contractors Insurance?

In most cases, artisan contractors should strongly consider retaining insurance protection. All it takes is one unexpected event to ruin a business financially. Having the right insurance when it’s needed most can make all the difference.

Additionally, some types of insurance may be legally required for artisan contractors. For instance, commercial auto insurance is often required for business vehicles; workers’ compensation insurance may be needed if the contractor has employees.

Let the friendly professionals at Drivers Insurance LLC assess your circumstances and recommend coverage options. We have the expertise to help find you the right policy at the right price for all artisan contractors.